April 10, 2018

Xans Share The Blessings Nigeria Volunteers

Our volunteers are on their way to search for poor orphanages in Abia Nigeria.. So excited. Can’t wait to see what they bring to my foundation..I love them

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2 Comments on “Xans Share The Blessings Nigeria Volunteers

April 22, 2018 at 7:30 pm

❤️ 🙏 I so love witnessing the goodness of Gods work threw this foundation and all the many lives and blessing that my aunt Xan Burnom has touched all the way across to another country and have a heart that is filled with so much love to be able to stand up and take control of poverty and provide shelter ,food water and most of all a smile on someone’s face who feel there’s no hope then be able to regain faith threw each individual that has a part in helping in this foundation such as each volunteer and Xan, I can’t forget to mention that not only does this women of God Xan helps everyone around her family and friends ,most of all reassures all of us that God still has good ppl in the world and he hears each and every prayer …🙏 ❤️ Thanks to each and every Volunteer…………. Thanks to My Aunt XanBurnom…………. 👼 from ☁️ ⛅️ 🙏

Omowaye Sunday Joshua
April 26, 2018 at 9:10 am

May God keep blessing the CEO and all the wonderful volunteers
Your Joy shall know no bound

God Will uplift you More


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