Vina Manufor,



Thanks so much my wonderful Nana u are so Amazing. My kids clothes have arrived. I love u dearly. I will send in pictures later and u see how lovely its looking on them. Low battery warning. I really appreciate u so much. Your pocket can never run dry. Your Account and Source of Income can never go down. Amen. Thank u my Love.
Samuel Ayodeji Uduokhai,



House please help me Thank Mom for this huge sum she just sent me for food. Already sleeping and the alert woke me up. I am so grateful to you Mom. May the heavens continue to rain down it’s Blessings on you everyday of your life. I am so grateful for all the love you have extended towards me. I Love You MOM Xan Burnom Xan Burnom #STBIKYHO

Michael Ayodele,



Help me thank Nana for the great blessing she showed to me. She fulfilled my dream with huge sum she sent me. I am so grateful for endless love you shown to me. I say a big thank you. Xan Burnom God bless you abundantly.

Oluwaseun Aderemi,



I don’t know what to say tonight guess what my people….. Nana gave me 100k this is wonderful….
She gave me #80k for phone accessories in January 26, 2019 and #20k this night for poultry…. wow this is wonderful. Thank you so much Nana for empowering me and for putting smiles on my face and also for putting food on my table. Truly you are God sent.

Thank you Nana. I can’t thank you enough….
Please say a word of prayer to Nana

Praise Otiga Ojonugwa,



Hello guys help me thank Nana ooooo my 8inches tablet just arrived from America. This is so massive. It has been my prayer request and I wasn’t even expecting it. Thank you so much and God bless you massively for me
Betty Ejemen Omoregbe,



Please house help me say a word of prayer for this beautiful woman with a golden heart,
A great philanthropist,
A rare gem and a blessing to humanity.
Special thanks for the huge data received.
It’s my prayers that God Almighty richly bless you and replenish you in million folds.
Ty so much.
Xan Burnom
Xan Burnom

Adekojo Samuel Valentino ,



So she made a post that what did you need and state the cost, I made a comment with faith that I needed only 11k mom decided to multiply it and she sent me 40k… I am so grateful that I don’t even know what to say. She is truly the helper of the helpless, she is an hope giver. Xan Burnom, thank You so much for this and God bless you…. For those thinking she is not real, let me tell you she is a real deal, she is an Angel in clothing of a human… Thank you so much mom, I will never disappoint you. God bless you mam

Abass Roothe Oluwafunke,



This thank you is long overdue. There are so many things I want to thank you for, and I’m sure I’m going to still be missing some by the end of this letter. But here is a small token of my gratitude for just being by my side in this life and making it all worthwhile.
Thank you first of all for accepting me and loving me for exactly who I am. This isn’t easy. I can be stubborn, difficult and confusing, but you love and accept me for me.
Thank you for being there for me whenever I need it. It was once said that “all that relationships are are being there for someone when they need you,” and you’re a pro at this.
With so much tears in my eyes I want the whole world to help me appreciate her for making me feel loved and special. I can’t just stop crying.
Another HD Tablet gift from you Nana

Kehinde Adex Winner,



You made my day Nana 💖💖 I’m grateful for the 2,000 Naira credit alert Xan Burnom. I’m super grateful

Johnson Daniel Unique,



Thank you very muchfor the 2,000 Naira Xan Burnom
You’re one in a million Nana
For the doubters, Nana is super real

Itz John Sunday,



Thank you very much ma for this 2,000 Naira wonderful gift, i am very grateful, you just made my day God bless you ma
#Xan Burnom

Abass Roothe Oluwafunke,



See how all my worries are gone! See how I easily bid farewell to my griefs. Can you see what your friendship is worth to me? Can you see how much you now mean to me?
You got my back in every step of the way. You’ve given your all to see me bask in Joy. You’ve given me more than I can work for. And I’ve come to say, I can’t thank you enough.
Nana you’re just one of the best gift I have. Thank you for this 30,000 Naira Food Voucher

Ojeleye Olusola,



Family join me to appreciate beautiful Queen with gold heart, for blessing me with 12.5gb massive data. Nana may the good God I serve reward you for all ur humanitarian work. As u put smile in my face tonight, joy,happiness will never depart from u and ur family. U and ur family will not know sadness time. Amen

Lillian Nnedinso,



Yes ooo. I have come with my own testimony.
I have tried severally to find a correct word to describe Nana, but I can’t find any. She’s more than a philanthropist, her generosity has no bound. Nana, my prayer to you still remains that as you go about wiping peoples tears, may God in his infinite mercy wipe away whatever that will bring pains and tears even in your generation to come. God bless you bountifully. Xan Burnom. Thank you for this 2,000 Naira food voucher.  My fellow #stbikyho, you are the next to testify.

Cynthia Onyenankeya,



My business moving on well……. Thanks to Nana for this Empowerment biko…… More clothes coming in next week……please follow me thank Nana ooooo….. All this things are because of her…. I love you scara💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃

Samuel Ayodeji Uduokhai,



I am eternally grateful to you Mom. You have been more than a mother for the past few years to me. I am so grateful. House Help me thank her. XanBurnom Xan Burnom for this 10,000 Naira food Voucher. I love you Mom #STBIKYHO

Betty Ejemen Omoregbe,



Nana I don’t know how else to appreciate you,
Thank you so much for everything you have done for me,
I am grateful.
Special thanks for the opportunity to grow food,
You have blessed me again to get more boxes and grow more food,
You will never be hungry in life.
God in his infinite mercy will continue to bless and keep you.
I love ❤️😘 ❤️😘 ❤️😘 you. Thank you so much for this 10,000 Naira for the Garden Boxes

Ovenseri Favour,



Where should I even start from????
Oh Nana you are truly a mother indeed, you are a life saver, a rare gem.
I asked for 10k for food stuff, you did not only send d money, you also sent the balance of my agreement fees am owing my madam. (20,000 Naira altogether)
Chaiii my God will bless you, the only thing permitted in your home is Congratulations, God will fight those that fight against you. Thank you so much Nana, i’m indebted to you

Philip Owoicho Ajeh,



And my able CEO, mother of Africa, Xan Burnom Surprised me this evening with 12gb of data. Thank you very much Nana for this, I really appreciate your help to me and to many Nigerians. God bless you and may you live long. Amen. 💃 💃

Itz Dehoo Moriz,



Wow pls join me and thank our mother Nana
for the massive 4GB data given to me.
Nana, may the good lord bless you and
give you longer life. May your blessings be uncountable.
God bless you Nana #STBIKYHO.

Adetola Abraham,



A big thanks to Xan Burnom for this 5,000 Naira massive blessings. I really appreciate it. I’m grateful for your kind gesture 💖💖 may God replenish you bountifully.

Olori Gbeminiyi,



Wooooooo! Nana did it again. She sent me 4.6gb data. Am Soo happy. Pls drop prayer for my sweet Nana. It may be your turn soon, rejoice with me. 😂😂😂😂

Olori Gbeminiyi,



Wow! It all happened like a dream but it’s reality.let the doubters keep doubting let the haters keep hating. But Nana keep moving and blessing. went to xan as a worker but she took me as a daughter, bought me a cell phone and did shopping for my little girl. I can’t stop loving you Sweet mooma. Chop kiss 😗😙😘😘😘

Praise Otiga Ojonugwa,



Xan Burnom thank you for all you do. You’ve been so good to me in different ways. You promised monthly support for my mom and you have never failed ever since you started. I really appreciate you for everything, God bless you for me. I will never do anything to hurt you. You are indeed a strong woman. Thank you so much Nana for this 40,000 Naira Shop  Empowerment. The shop will be open soon. We will make you proud.

Faith Funmi Samuel,



I Just wanna appreciate our queen mother, Nana for surprising me this night with this 20,000 Naira food voucher, in fact I’m short of words, don’t really know what to say but all l can say is that dis woman shall be blessed beyond measures, her children shall be called blessed, as u have surprised me tonight, so shall God surprise u nana.

Favour Chidinma,



Waow Nana God is really using you, friends pls help me tnk Nana, she has done a wonderful thing beyond my imagination, Nana God bless u real Good, u will Neva know shame. Thank you for this 10,000 Naira Food Voucher

Jeremayah Olamilekan Shoyode,



More blessing for you Nana for this bump up to my bank account you shall be call a mother of a great nation,sorrow will never be your portion in Jesus name, everyone pray for her for me and it shall be well with you all
Acct: 0**********5
Amt: 13,000.00 CR
Avail Bal: 13,098.46

Austine Mentor Stephen,



This love from my Queen Nana tonight is so amazing. Her love never diminish and she got my back always. I will always give my best to show my appreciation my sweet Nana….Ty so much for this 10,000 Food alert tonight
Eddy Bethel,



Nana i want to say a big thank you for this unmerited favor… I always say it that you are missing angel from heaven… Nana just bless me with huge sum of cash… I want to be like her someday… Thanks #STBIKYHO thanks Xan Burnom thanks xan’s share the blessing foundation I know you have one…..words is not enough to express this kind of joy….
You too can be a part of this blessing… Join us at xan’s share the blessing foundation to receive your own….


Uchechi Jiwuaku,



I am speechless, God where are u ooooooo, please u guys should help me thank this wonderful, sweet, beautiful woman with a heart of gold for what she has done for I and my kids (10,000 NAira). Nana here is my prayers for u, for putting smile on my kids face may heaven smile back at u, ur source of income will never run dry, u will never know sorrow, May God fight your battles, may he grant your heart desires. Ewo I don’t know what to say again, we are grateful Nana and we love u. God bless u 1 million times in Jesus name amen. #STBIKYHO
ChrisMartins Nanaboy,



Thanks a lot, 15,000 Naira food voucher received. I am more than greatful. Thank you so much ever caring, supporting and loving Nana. May God continue to bless you and grant you all your desires. Thanks alot💃🕺💃🕺💃#STBIKYHOEwo I don’t know what to say again, we are grateful Nana and we love u. God bless u 1 million times in Jesus name amen. #STBIKYHO
Darl Jay,



Wow! Wow!! Everybody join me thank Nana for this huge financial support. I am so overwhelmed because its going to solve some pressing needs for my family. Thank you Nana Xan Burnom and God bless you abundantly for this 40,000 Naira . #STBIKYHO
Cynthia Onyenankeya ,



She did what no body have been able to do for me for a very long time, please help me appreciate this woman with a heart of gold for this 30,000 Naira Empowerment, I promise to make you proud on this, I can’t love you less mom………….. Mom empowered me with my cloth business ooo. Ty once again.
Betty Ejemen Omoregbe,



Special thanks to my queen mother,
A great philanthropist,
Thank you so much for putting unconditional smiles (35,000 Naira) on my face when I least expected.
It’s my prayer that God in his infinite mercy bless and keep you for us.
To my special angel in a human form I say God replenish you in million folds,
I am overtly thankful.
Loads of love and kisses Xan Burnom
Betty Ejemen Omoregbe,



And I received 3.000 Naira from Nana for my food growing….. Here are the items I bought will get to work soon. Am really great Nana. God bless you for this wonderful opportunity Xan Burnom

Ojeleye Olusola ,



Acct: 0212855208
Amt: 40,000.00 CR
Avail Bal: 45,363.70

*In the spirit of progress my able strong CEO Xan Burnom just wake me up with this alert to continue with stage two of my fishery business* . Please family help me bless Queen Nana with ur prayers for her humanitarian work *_. I _promise to make a difference so as not to block other people chance that u may want to help_* ._ Thank so much Nana.
Xan Burnom Rusty Russell

Sunday Amadi David,



Help me thank nana, she has done it again with this 20,000 Clothing Voucher. Thank so much for putting smiles on my face even when i don’t deserve it. May God bless you. Beautiful things happen to beautiful people
with beautiful hearts in beautiful places.
I pray everyday God adds more beauty
to your beautiful life. Love you

Nneka Beatrice Jacob ,



All tnx to the Queen Mother Nana for crediting me with this huge amount for food project (3,000 Naira).

I am very grateful to be one of the partaker of this amazing project
I promise to make you proud Nana

Thank you so much and God bless you am very grateful

Keshinro Folake,



Join me to appreciate this woman with heart of Gold, she just credited my acct with 3,000 Naira for LETS GROW FOOD PROJECT. Sow a seed of prayer into the life of our CEO. More blessings! More money in your Account, More greatness Nana Xan Burnom #stbikyho

Abass Roothe Oluwafunke,



This woman won’t stop spoiling me silly. Mom, I keep saying this and I’ll continue to say that you are the best thing that happened to me. Thank you for always having my back. I can’t love you less my pumpkin mucho. Thank you for this 20,000 Naira food Voucher

Ojeleye Olusola,



Truly giving is living! Please join me to appreciate the beautiful, sexy and our Queen Nana for the approver of 100k fishery business for me. The sum of 30k has been givien to me for phase one to commence to work. Pray and support me to succeed in this business. Nana I don’t know what to say But my God whom I serve and worship will reward you beyond ur imagination cos only God sent can do what you are doing for us. Thank you thank you. Chop holy kiss. Xan Burnom

Mhiz Modoluade,



Thanks so much Nana for this,l really appreciate.
Wasn’t expecting this because it’s a huge suprise.
Now l have no more sleepless night.
I was more than suprised when Mr Ojeleye just showed up with the sewing machine.
Thank you ! Thank you !!Thank you !!!
I’m short of words.
I’m more than happy, you’ve done a miracle in my life with this.
May God surprise you too Mother Africa

Praise Otiga Ojonugwa,



Hmmmmmm I don’t know what to even say right now, this is not just the usual appreciation post, this comes from a heart full of love and gratitude. Xan Burnom you are special to me, I haven’t found a way to express my love to you but my heart is always with you. You have your own personal issues too but you put people first before you, despite all what you might have faced, you are still strong for us, for me. Nana I will never leave you, you mean so much to me. I am grateful, my mom is grateful, you mean so much to us. Thank you for always doing the things you do, your good heart will speak for you. I hope to see a better way to repay you someday. Thank you xan burnom for this 40,000 Naira sent to my mum. I really care about you

Philip Owoicho Ajeh,



How can I start thanking my CEO, mother of Africa Xan Burnom For this big blessing upon me tonight? I am so grateful Nana, you are the best, Thank you for all you have been doing for me, all I pray for is that God should give you long life, you are a blessing not only to me but to many. Please members help me thank her ooooo for this huge 40,000 Naira Alert, unexpected blessing 💃 💃 💃#stbikyho

Folorunso Gabriel Adewale,



Thank you so much wonderful Xan Burnom for this sum. I really appreciate and may God keep blessing you. Thanks

Ojeleye Olusola,



I want to appreciate our amiable CEO xan foundation for blessing me with 15,000 Naira food voucher. As you give me joy and hope of living you will never know sorrow in your life, happiness will never departed from u and ur family. Amen
Thanks you Nana
Long life xan foundation
Long life mother African
#stbikyho Xan Burnom

Mhiz Ama,



Nana i don’t know where to start from
YOU are an angel in disguise seriously
I’ve been offline for days now due to lack of data just to come online now to see this went to the atm to check (cos i dont receive alert)
and found it (25,000 Naira)
am just speechless God will reward you of all your good😍😍😍😍😍😍⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘💥💥💥💥💥
am so happy Xan Burnom

Chinyere M Sandra Joseph,

You have never stopped to amaze me Nana.
You have no rival in giving and your hands are always open to receive all and sundry.
Thank you for this 15,000 Naira huge blessing Nana. May God continue to bless, uplift, protect and increase you in all ramifications of life.
Please friends, help me to thank my queen for me.
Nana thank you so so much. #Stbikyho

Fs O Fs ,

Sweet Nana, thanks so much for your love always. I pray for you, as you put smile on my face this night *sorrow* will never be yours, whatever that is making you *happy* will not turn to *sorrow*, *untimely death* will not be yours, anybody who want you *dead* will go before you, givers never *lack* but always *have*. Nana you will never lack of any good thing in life in *Jesus* name. Thanks a lot for this 12,000 Naira Food Voucher, I’m really grateful……… We love you mother Africa

Precious Chetachi Blessing Innocent,

I really want to appreciate Mhiz Purity Chisom Okereke for blessing me with 2,000 Naira, I Neva expected this from her,but she surprise me👏👏 I can’t stop shedding tears of joy.., She has saved me from starving today😢😢
God bless you ma👏👏

Ebere Jenny,

I wish to appreciate #nana for this huge amount of 10,000 Naira given to me for my weight loss program. May God bless and protect you, may He grant you your good heart desires. I am very grateful and by God’s grace i will get my sexy back.

Darl Jay,

Xan’s Share The Blessings Foundation Nigeria runs an agricultural program called LETS GROW FOOD. It’s Xan Burnom unique way of alleviating extreme poverty and food scarcity by empowering young people to grow their own food especially those in urban areas with limited access to land.

I was privileged to be chosen as one of the pioneers to test-run this unique project. Today I received a bank credit alert of 10,000 Naira from Xan to kick-start my home garden.

Nana Xan Burnom is a modern day Mother Theresa, sacrificing her comfort and resources to make life better for vulnerable people across Africa especially Nigeria. Nana Xan is an epitome of love and selflessness.

Thank you Nana, thank you for the joy and hope you inspire in young people everywhere. I am proud to be associated with you and with Xan’s Share The Blessings Foundation. God bless you

Bukola Aiyegoro Asotun,

All thanks to the queen mother of Africa. I can’t love u less mother. Thank u for giving me this privilege to grow food with 5,000 Naira. I so much appreciate you my love. This is my first time of benefitting. Seriously, Nana is real, it’s very real. God bless u more my queen.

David Emmanuel,

Plenty thanks to Queen Nana for making me a partaker of GROW OUR FOOD PROJECT and the 5,000 Naira credit alert. Live long and flourish NANA

Osaji Nkechi Juliet ,

One can pay back the loan of gold, but one dies forever in debt to those who are kind.

Queen Nana, If the world had more people like you it would be a better place. You do make a difference,
Your generosity will make an immediate difference in the lives of people

“To most people, this is just dirt. To a farmer, it is potential.”
Thanks to Nana for the privilege to grow our food with 7,000 Naira
#lets grow food
#watch us grow

Alàgbà Olúwatóbilóba Kògbéregbè,

To our great Nana, the irreplaceable one. Mother of Africa, a rare gem and mother.
Thank you for the 5000 Naira credit alert for seed growing and miscellaneous. May God continue to bless you more and more.

Mhiz Purity Chisom Okereke,

All thanks goes to my precious gift, beloved Queen mother Nana💋💋my love for you is uncountable,.. I promise to do my best in growing the food. I pray it will be a successful one for us.,God bless you always my beautiful Nana.. I so much love and Cherish you💋💋💋 Xan BurnomXan Burnom💋💋💋💋💰💰💰💰. Thank you for the 5,000 Naira Food Voucher

Halima Abdulmalik,

My people please come and help thank my Nana. She gave me ring with my best color purple. I will cherish this ring. Nana you have to bless us with your heart of gold. God bless you for us. Love you my Nana

Samuel Ayodeji Uduokhai,

I am so amazed. This You have done for me Mom is highly unexpected. What have I done to deserve all this kindness from you? The smile 😃 you have put on faces especially mine will forever make the angels rejoice and continue to bless you.



Scythian Tyson,

House help me thank Nana for the 10,000 Naira Food Voucher, when Nana promises, Nana delivers. I love you more #STBIKYHO
Betty Ejemen Omoregbe,

House please help me say a word of prayer for Nana,
An angel in human form,
A blessing to humanity, a rare gem.
She recently launched a program tagged Watch us grow,
And I am privileged to be one of the beneficiaries.
It’s my prayers that God will continue to bless you and enlarge your territory.
Thanks so much for this 15,000 Naira food voucher,
I appreciate you Immensely.
Xan Burnom
Xan Burnom
Chinyere M Sandra Joseph,

Make some noise people!
Here comes my diamond ring all the way from America! Wow!
Nana you have given me so much to hope for within a short time of knowing you
You gave me love even when I have lost faith in it.
You rekindle my life with your true love
Today we share a bond that can’t be broken. The distance does not matter any more cos you live right here in my  through this 💎 💍. Thank you so much and may God continue to bless you.
Please friends, help me to say thank you to Nana
Nana China doll loves you
Abass Roothe Oluwafunke,

I have a story to tell, a lot of my friends don’t know this. Even the ones that claims to know me knows not half of what I went through. Very soon I’ll share the full details. Anyways, I’m prompted to write this short one to appreciate a very important person in my life. I met her September 29, 2018. Mind you I was battling depression then. I was tired of everything. I remember crying a day before then telling God if truly he loves me, that he should send me an helper, but not a man. The following day, I went to visit my mom and there’s this girl that’s like a kid sister to me. In the cause of our conversation, she asked me if I have heard of a group on facebook called #stbikyho? And I replied “No”. She gave me the link, I joined and a week later, I was chosen by the CEO to be one of her volunteers cos she needed help with her school. And that day marked the end of depression. You decided to take me as one of your kids. Yes, you fuss at me on so many occasions, but you have never abandoned me. You loved me not minding my flaws and mistakes and I don’t regret knowing you. I love you Mom and I’ll always do.
For your love towards me I say thank you. For believing and trusting in me, I say thank you. For sharing a strong bond with me through this, I say thank you. I love you baby. Xan Burnom

Praise Otiga Ojonugwa,

Hello guys!!! I made a post yesterday about how Xan Burnom sent my mom 25,000 Naira and just this evening again she sent another 25,000 Naira to her. I don’t even know what to say to her please guys just help me drop a word of prayers and encouragement to Nana, Nana on behalf of my mom and family I say a big thank you.God bless you so much

Darl Jay,

Wow, I just received free 4GB data from Xan Burnom, the wonderful American lady doing awesome charity work in Nigeria.

So proud to be associated with her, and Xan’s Share The Blessings Foundation Nigeria.

#NanaRocks #STBIKYHO #XanBurnom

Vina Manufor,

Please Family just take a look at this Beautiful Ring, it came all the way from The Us, I will cherish this Ring till the end of time. Each time I look at this Ring, I know somebody somewhere really Cares. Nana u are the best, U keep making me shed tears, tears of Joy. I will always Love and Adore u, I will always be wherever you be. I will continue to mention your name in prayers each time my Knees are on the Ground. I genuinely love u. Kisses my Queen

Oluwaseun Aderemi,

I want to use this opportunity to thank my Nana for this wonderful diamond ring she sent to me all the way from Texas.
May your purse never run dry. Thanks so much Nana for the privilege to be among diamond ladies. God bless you Nana.
House help me to appreciate this wonderful woman with a heart of gold.
I love and cherish you Nana

praise otiga ojonugwa,

Okay guys here is another one from our queen Nana, she just blessed my mom with 25,000 Naira . Everybody is entitled to her blessings. Nana I will forever love you. I am yours

Chinyere M Sandra Joseph,

Please everyone help me appreciate this virtuous woman, the mother of Africa. The life changer of anyone who comes to her. I just got this huge sum of 10,000 Naira for my weight loss programme. Thank you so much Nana for it’s goodbye to fat. I must get my sexy back.
May God bless you my queen. I love you so much. #Stbikyho

Andu Oguntade Aleeza,

Thanks so much Nana for this 15,000 naira food voucher. I feel so speechless, you’re a rare gem. May God continue to bless you

Praise Otiga Ojonugwa,

All the way from America my very expensive diamond ring just came in and guess what guys it’s so beautiful and it fits in perfectly, Nana I don’t just know why you love me this much, sometimes I feel I don’t worth it. Meeting you is one of the best thing that happened to my life.When you told me about this ring I was just scared cause I have never had such an expensive gift. This love is just too much, Xan Burnom I know you love me but I love you more I just haven’t gotten a way to express it.. Thank you for trusting me among all. My Nana you are precious to me, I will never trade you for anything..I love you with love from your daughter praise

Oli Benedeth Ekene,

My good family, please I want you all to help me thank and appreciate My Pretty Queen Xan Burnom for crediting my account with 25k for Food voucher. Infact, I don’t know how to thank my Pretty Queen with a heart of gold. I pray that blessings of God will never cease in her life and God will lift her high beyond her expectations. My Pretty Queen Xan Burnom, I really love and cherish you the more, thank you so much. I am very grateful. Excess love .#Stbikyho

Evelyn Egwolo Egbeluya,

I woke up this morning to this great 15,000 Naira food voucher surprise. I love this beautiful woman whose heart is so pure and kind. Please friends, help me pray for her, that the Almighty God will meet her deepest desires. I love you twin. Now and always. Chop kiss. Thank you so much Nana

Mhiz Purity Chisom Okereke,

Wow who am i, God has done it for me through our Queen mother Nana. House help me and bless Nana for blessing me tonight with 10,000 Naira food Voucher.
Nana may you live long for us,.. God bless you Nana,.. I love you so so much 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋
You’re indeed a mother and a blessing to us💋

Philip Owoicho Ajeh,

GOOD MORNING #stbikyho.
A big thank u to sweet Nana for the massive data received.
Am surprise for that. God bless u #stbikyho.

Philip Owoicho Ajeh,

And my beloved and wonderful Nana gifted me with 5.5gb of data. I love you so dearly Xan Burnom Thank you so much and may happiness never cease from your home. 💃 💃

Betty Ejemen Omoregbe,

Special thanks to my queen for the data,
I am overtly thankful.
God bless and replenish you mightily.

Samuel Ayodeji Uduokhai,

Nana Please Ignore all those doubting Thomases… You do not need anyone to believe all you have been doing.

FYI: Nana saw me through my Final year in school. She spent nothing less than 200,000 naira feeding, project, hostel, gas cooker, laptop. She only met me on facebook and it was when I had no help. So keep doubting. Na una sabi.

More Blessings as you keep sharing the blessings. Xan Burnom 💜💜💜

Evelyn Egwolo Egbeluya,

Thank you so much for this massive data 10gb. I am so grateful. May God continue to bless and keep you. Love you twin.

Montana Allen,

Thank you so much big sister for a massive 15.8gb #Stbikyho

Taofeek Dotun,

Thank you my Nana for this massive 10gb, data (5gb*2)..may God Almighty continue to replenish your purse abundantly

Ojeleye Olusola,

Join me to appreciate my white mother, African sweetheart for blessing me with 10g of data this morning. Thanks so much

Jeremayah Olamilekan Shoyode,

Thanks to Nana my son have been place on drugs and eye drop may Almighty God reward you abundantly for ur support to this Innocent boy
Xan Burnom and Xan’s foundation we shall be an unstoppable train

Abass Roothe Oluwafunke,

Xan Burnom Xan Burnom I must confess that you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. No one has ever shown me this much love. You have taken me as one of your daughters. And you have treated me as one. If I continue to go on and on writing this epistle I’m very sure Mark Zuckerberg will not allow me post.
I just want to say thank you so much my beautiful angel. You shall live long to see me continuing this legacy you have laid. Thank you for so much for the 10,000 Naira food voucher. I love you Nana.

Benedicta Monyei,

Yesssssss 💃💃💃💃 in the spirit of CELEBRATION. my sweet Nana just bless me with 15,000 Naira food voucher. Nana as you surprised me this evening the God almighty will surprise you and your household in the name of Jesus… Amen. I LOVE YOU 💜💜💜💜💜 #stbikyho

Hardenike Hardeyinkah,

House pls help me say a big thank u to Queen Nana for this 3,000 Naira food voucher. May u continually be blessed. I’m so happy.

Ambless Ambless,

The long awaited Alert has landed ooo

Nana just surprised me with0,000 Naira Food voucher… i ‘m just speechless but all I got to say is God bless you Nana.

Ambless Ambless,

💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃My beautiful Nana,thank you so much for this 10,000 Naira food voucher, am so so happy right now, happiness will never depart from your life Nana,I pray God fulfill all your heart desire.please family help me thank Nana for this wonderful gift.thank you Nana,I love you💜💜💜💜💜💜
Jeremayah Olamilekan Shoyode,

Nana has done it again, she sent me 15,000 Naira for my son’s eye treatment. May God bless you abundantly.
You shall not weep over your children too

Kemi Adedeji,

Wow, I can’t believe my eyes; Nana thank you so much for this 8000 Naira food voucher, you and your households will never go starving in Jesus name.#Stbikyho

Oluwaseun Aderemi‎,

A little message to my Nana a wonderful woman with a heart of gold and a cheerful giver


I am very happy today for making my first profit from the phones I sold today
Nana gave me 80k to start my phone accessories. I started on February 1st and i am making it. People are demanding for phones and I told Nana about it. I told them to drop their money and asked them to collect it on Monday I quickly used their money to get the phones and add another 3 pieces of small phones to it. I love you Nana for this great opportunity given me to start my business. Thank you Xan Burnom.


I bought 5 phones and I sold 2 today and my profits is 3000
I bought tecno F1 for 21,000 and I sold it 22,500
Tecno pop2 for 22,000 and I sold it 23,500.
I have profit of 3000.


Today is my happiest day because I am progressing and moving forward. I love you Nana and I promise to make you proud…..thanks for helping me thanks for putting smile on my face thanks for putting food on my table. May God continue to guide you and keep you in good health.


This is the best foundation in the whole world. God bless you Xan Burnom.


Philip Owoicho Ajeh,

My sweet and loving Nana has done it again by gifting me with 5gb of data. Thank you very much My able CEO Xan Burnom May God almighty continue to guide and protect you, I heart you to the core. Thank you 💜

Ojeleye Olusola,

Clear road for the giver, who will never lack anything good in life, African sweetheart. On my way to Church this morning I received 10k alert to hold my side , please join me to celebrate the great woman who has chosen to be blessings to many in Africa especially Nigeria. Thank so much Nana. May God bless you

Folorunso Gabriel Adewale,


I have never seen someone who is full of surprises as our Nana. I was just coming back from work after a very stressful day and my phone vibrated with a message. All what i saw was an alert of 12,000 Naira food voucher. Thank you so much Nana. More blessings in Jesus mighty name.
Funmilayo O Anthony,

I am very grateful for what Nana has done in my life for giving me money to start a business. God will continue to bless you beyond your expectations in the name of Jesus.

Omowaye Sunday Joshua,

WOW.Nana just surprised me with unmerited favour.She just sent me school fees including money for food. May God enrich you Nana.I am just speechless

Fay Orus,

I got the sound that brings joy… Alert! Alert! Alert!. Nana is a gem among stones
Your Acct 302XXXX541 Has Been Credited with NGN15,000.00 On 01-FEB-2019 17:34:00 By FIP:WEM/XAN’S SHARE THE BL/cane food. Bal: NGN17,070.20CR

Abass Roothe Oluwafunke,

Dear Nana ,
There are really no words that express how eternally grateful I am that God brought you into my life. One of the greatest gifts someone can receive in life is a person who is supportive of them unconditionally, celebrates their victories, treats them with such grace and humbleness… Which is all of the characteristics that you inhibit. Not only are you a boss to me, you are also one of my biggest supporters and cheerleaders. You are here in my life as a constant reminder that I am above every struggle I go through and worthy to live a great life.
You are a woman of so many god-giving facets. If I continue to go on and on, I guess the whole of the day will come and go.
In all I just want to say thank you Nana, I did not regret ever announcing you as my adopted Mom. I love you now, and I’ll always love you.
Thanks Mom

Praise Otiga Ojonugwa,

Our Queen did it again, Xan Burnom I am really grateful to you. Thank you for this surprise 10k alert i just received and a gift of a brand new phone.
God will keep blessing you. Your blessings will never run dry. #PRAIZE

Oluwaseun Aderemi,

My people I can’t believe my eyes………it still baffles me up till now. Nana asked me what did you need? I said 8k will be okay for me. I will buy food stuff and sandal for my elder child.
To my surprise I saw alert of 80,000. She asked me to use it for business and empower myself. My people please say a word of prayer to Nana. God sent her to my life to change my story.
Nana you will not suffer. The power of God will rest upon your life. I am grateful

Philip Owoicho Ajeh,

😭😭😭😭 please my brothers and sisters, Nana has done a wonderful thing in my life tonight, I can’t believe this, she paid my house rent of 60,000 Naira, oh my God. Nana I am very grateful, no one has done this for me in my life but you did it. Thank you very much, you will live long, no evil shall come near you. Please thank Nana for me oooo💜💜

Fay Orus,

A great woman among women, a selfless giver, a cheerful heart, a kind heart. Thank you Nana for my 6000 Naira Food Voucher. All of you saying she is fake, well-done. If you are jobless, go and hawk sachet water in the market. Whether you like it or not, Nana is amazing and will remain amazing.

Johnson Daniel Unique,

Wow! Wow! Wow!
I was baffled when I saw the 5,000 Naira Food Voucher alert. It came in the time I least expected it.
Thank you very much Nana. I appreciate it

Ifemayowa Gold Hadenikeh,

Nana thanks I really appreciate my daughter is also grateful because she has what to eat also… May you never lack good things in life. Double blessings are yours always. Thank you

Ronke Iyabo Bilesanmi Oyewoga,

Wah o
Nana has blessed me today
I can now go to market for the food
Thank you
Mama Africa for the 10,000 Naira Food Voucher

Lawal Aminat Morenike,

Thanks so much Nana for the money. I am able to put a smile on my parents’ face. They are so happy and i am happy to make them smile. May God bless you so much. I am so happy Xan Burnom

Sunday Amadi David ,

I want to say a very big thank you to you Nana for the 10,000 Naira Food Voucher Credit Alert. May God bless you more and more.

Taofeek Dotun,

My sweetest Nana ever, you surprised me again with 10,000 Naira food voucher credit alert after the data top up… May God bless you immensely.. I love Xan’s Foundation.
We will continue to soar higher. Amen

Praise Otiga Ojonugwa,

My amazing icon, my own Nana, I am very grateful for the 10,000 Naira Food Voucher Credit Alert, thanks for putting a smile on my face despite all odds. I love you and God bless you

Victor Akpalankwu,

Thank you so much Xan Burnom for the Food Voucher Credit Alert. I really love this woman. God will bless her for me. She sent the money when i needed it most.

Montana Allen,

Honestly i don’t know how to say it!! yes thats what I said, go and tell it to the mountains CEO Xan’s Foundation today stormed me with a massive amount of money for food voucher, Thank you so much for your love and care always, God bless you forever. #Stbikyho

Martins Nnaboy,

THANKS A LOT MY NANA for this food voucher credit alert. I am more than grateful. May God continue to bless you.

Olukanni Abisola Bamidele,

Yipppeeee Nana is a goal,she just surprised me with 10,000 Naira Food Voucher Credit Alert, Nana as you are putting smiles on people’s face your joy shall not no bounds continue to bask in God’s glory in Jesus name. love your human.
You..are a saviour of our time here in Africa

Kareem Olamilekan Abiola,

To those saying rubbish on this woman, please take a look at this. Just received 6,000 Naira Food Voucher Credit Alert now. What i would just tell you is to seek apology from her and wait for your time. You might be the next to be blessed. To you still doubting. Nana is realllllll, she is God sent for humanity, a philanthropist and a God fearing woman. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. River never dry, you will never dry. God would reward you abundantly. Thank you very much Nana. I remain very loyal to you

Ajayi Azeezat Shanu,

God Almighty will shower his blessings upon u. as you are putting smile on our faces, may you not know sorrow in your life in Jesus mighty name.. Nana you are so wonderful God bless you. Thank you for the 6,000 Naira Food Voucher Credit Alert

Comr Stanley Ifeanyi Ike,

A SUPER THANKS TO Our amicable CEO Xan Burnom for the 10,000 Naira Food Voucher Credit Alert this evening…

More money.
More wisdom.


Abass Roothe Oluwafunke,

If after seeing this, you still call this woman a scam, then you need deliverance from your foolishness and stupidity. Boo Boo as I fondly call you, my God will continue to surprise you starting from this minute as you have surprised me with 10,000 Naira Food Voucher Credit Alert. I love you my queen.

Folorunso Gabriel Adewale,

And there she goes again with the 8,000 Naira Food Voucher Credit Alert surprise. May God continue to bless you more and more. Indeed a cheerful giver never lack. You shall never lack. May we always have the cause to give thanks. Its Thanksgiving season. Lets all enjoy and share the blessings together. #Stbikyho. Thank You Nana. I appreciate

Olabisi Olaitan Olajide,

I don get alert… God win
My beautiful Nana, thank you for putting a smile on my face this evening, it’s a big surprise for me. God will continue to bless more and more. Thank you for the 8,000 Naira Food Voucher Credit Alert. Nana is just too wonderful!

Vina Manufor,

Nana you are a blessing to the world, you are a blessing to many who has crossed your path, you are a blessing to me, I got alert of 10,000 Naira this Evening from Nana to celebrate this Great Thanksgiving, Nana remain Blessed because you are already blessed. I love u. Thank u so much for this Money. It gonna go a long way. Thank u once again.

Unborn Ahhbaygundey MonDan Ahkinyeame,

Good bless you Nana , this year Thanksgiving OMA super
Txn: Credit
Amt:NGN 8,000.00
Date:21-Nov-2018 21:31
Bal:NGN xxxx

Evelyn Egwolo Egbeluya,

Thanksgiving dinner is ready. Thank you so much my Nana for blessing me with 10,000 Naira Food Voucher Credit Alert and for making this day beautiful for all of us. Even people who do not know you are praying for you because you have not only put smiles on our faces, but through us, you have put smiles on the faces of many. May God continue to bless and keep you for me. I love you so much my twiny, my black diamond.😘😘😘 HAPPY THANKSGIVING

Halima Abdulmalik (Ebony Brown),

Nana may God almighty bless your heart for the 8,000 Naira Food Voucher credit alert. My Thanksgiving dinner is set. All thanks goes to my Nana. God bless and reward you. Love you always

Fs O Fs,

Wow! What an unforgettable Thanksgiving Day!

Xan Burnom you are special!
Mother Africa, thanks very much God bless you. My family are saying thank you and we love you sweet Nana

Billy Ehikpeha,

Here is my thank you message for all that Xan’s Share The Blessings foundation Nigeria has done for me and my fellow Africans, especially we NIGERIANS..

Little things we do today are the great things that happens tomorrow.

I can’t thank you enough
God bless you
For the happiness you have brought into our lives
I just want to say thank you so much.

God has used you to perform wonders in the lives of so many.
May the goodness of the lord never depart from you.
God will give you the strength to continue to be a light in other people’s lives
We appreciate you in so many ways.

What you have done for me held me spell bound;
You have empathized and supported me
beyond what I thought could happen
I am indeed grateful for your concern and thoughtfulness
Thank you so much Nana.

I will always be grateful to God for the day I met you and the day I joined Xan’s foundation.
You are amazing in so many ways
You surprised me and took me like your little son.
May God bless you Nana .

You listened to me and advised me
I cannot thank you enough
For being patient and kind
God bless you.

From the bottom of my heart, I just cannot thank you enough
May God repay you in kind measures and
so much more.
Thank you for being there.

You have shown me what it is to love
You have told me to cry no more
You have proved to me that kind people still exist out there
I am indeed grateful for your love and support.

You are a blessing to your nation and this generation
Your love has created that strong effect on me”
That I just look up to you and thank God for creating you.
Thank you for everything and more.

May God reward you Xan Burnom.
Just as you have rewarded me with so much love
Thank you.

When you have people who are kind in a special way
And they support you through different means
You will not be bothered about money and other material things
Because those people are very valuable to you.
They support you financially and cover your nakedness
And this is what you have done
Thank you for supporting me
God bless you.

People like you are rare and special
People like you are gifts from God
Thank you for everything
I will sing it high into the mountains
I will bless the name of the lord for all you have done for me.

You are indeed blessed among all your generation.
You will never lack any good thing in life in Jesus name.

You have made me believe so much in giving.

I don’t know how to thank you enough
I will thank you everyday till you are tired
May God bless you for everything you have done
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you Nana. 😀
Thank you Xan Burnom 😍
Thank you Diamond queen. 😍
Thank you mom. 😍
Thank you A woman with heart Of Gold 😍
Thank you. @Xan Share the blessings Foundation 😍😍😍😍😍

Yours Ever loving Nigerian Boy.
Billy.. ✅✅

Manny Omonaija,

Xan’s Share The Blessings: Nigeria has made such a huge impact in the lives of Nigerians in the shortest possible time. I have seen hundreds of people being fed by this organization. I have seen sick people who had no hope of treating themselves getting financial assistance for hospital bills. I have seen pregnant women receiving cash for food and baby things. I have seen women who were detained by hospital authorities for defaulting on their bill payment regain their freedom courtesy of Xan. The list is endless.

This organization does not discriminate It helps the young, the old, the infirm, the hungry and the homeless by giving them financial and material gifts. Xan’s desire to help everyone is legendary. Her heart is always filled with love and she keeps on thinking about new ways to alleviate people’s suffering. No day passes without her giving to the poor.

She engages people on her foundation page and challenges them to help people in their vicinity. She dishes out motivational word of wisdom. She gives us games to participate in. She renders help to her followers. I am a beneficiary.

May God bless her and her foundation now and forever. Amen.

Tosin Adeleke,

This is not just a page, it is a foundation and a Great One Indeed.

Saving lives who were on the chains of death. Securing safety for the homeless by providing them with houses, feeding the hungry both young and old and improving the standard of education by painting/renovating schools and providing students with the necessary material they need such as Note Books.

But to the surprise of everyone Xan left her country to do all the good i mentioned above for a foreigners and in a foreign country for she saw the government were sitting down and doing nothing to help the masses.

And here we are, The foundation is over over one years old and millions lives have been touched and changed for better here in Africa.

We all know giving is one of the hardest thing to do on this earth as the current economic situation is biting hard on every citizen here in Nigeria.

But Xan has created a path to follow, she had started the foundation and is leading us to join in sharing the blessings and we are forever grateful.

We love you to the core Xan.s

Emeka Ezeh King Master ,

I must say, I have never witnessed or seen any philanthropist such as great Xan, Xan’s Share The Blessings: Nigeria….Such a unique family that derive joy in seeing to the needs of other people, helping other people in best way they can, Xan is a definition of God’s words in the good book, Philippians 2:4 “Do do merely look out for your own personal interest but also for the interest of others. God will continue to reward you richly dear Xan. I thank you once again cause am a candid beneficially of this her kindid gesture.

Mizta Solomon Jnr II ,

I must confess, Xan Foundation have made me realise the blessings attached from Giving,She has put smiles on the faces of the universe,I can now boast my blessings when I followed her unique steps that leads to greatness.
She has Shown me the way to Continuous Blessings
The mother to the mother
Oh The Great Xan Foundation
A stepping Stone to the success of the country..

Rehman Gold,

I believe that we all have a responsibility to give back. No one becomes successful without lots of hard work, support from others, and a little luck. Giving back creates a virtuous cycle that makes everyone more successful. #STBIKYHO please don’t stop making this life a living place for the needy ones and continue your good deeds. May God reward the xans foundation abundantly. God bless you all.

Kelex Njoku,

I found this foundation just middle of last year 2017 and many people were testifying. I even saw my friends receive surprises daily and I prayed for my turn to come. I did not loose hope of getting but I didn’t tie all my mind to it either. It came to me when I least expected but when I was actually in need. I believe the spirit of God directed Xan towards me. This foundation had given a lot of people on the street food and shelter and even the mothers in hospital that were trapped because of their inabilities to pay their bills had also been touched. I see the pioneering strength radiating from USA towards Africa- Nigeria. The teaching here is SHARE THE BLESSING I KNOW YOU HAVE ONE…..Thank you XAN and your team for seeing me.

Morgan Ayodeji Samuel ,

The first day I contacted this foundation, I was shocked by the quick response I received. Within 5 minutes I received a huge sum for food. Several other things like A Gas Stove, My Tuition fee, My Hostel fee, Monthly allowances, money for data and gas refills. I am so indebted to this foundation. This Foundation has touched so many lives. God’s love will forever be with you Mom Xan Hopwood

Abraham Sunday ,

Xan’s foundation have touch the lives of many Nigeria . God will continue to bless Xan’s (Nana) . despite the way they do describe us ( Nigerian) as bad pple but Nana never cares . thanks u Nana, thanks u for ur luv for Africa especially Nigeria, thanks u so much. My hrt is fill with joy.thanks u once again Nana God bless you