November 23, 2018

Xan’s Foundation Observes Thanksgiving Day, Surprise Volunteers And Followers

The CEO, Xan’s share the blessings foundation; Xan Burnom, has extended her magnanimous act of kindness to her volunteers and followers. Over 40 persons received credit alerts ranging to the tune of #10,000 each to commemorate and celebrate the Thanksgiving day 2018.

Thursday 22nd November, 2018 was a day to remember as majority of the foundation volunteers and followers prepared special delicacies for themselves and their families. Everyone was full of praises and appreciation to the Xan Burnom for putting smile on their faces.

One of the beneficiaries; Lawal Aminat Morenike appreciated Nana for the Thanksgiving alert and said with it, she has been able to put smile on her parent face by getting them foodstuffs. Another beneficiary, Christabel Ijeoma was so filled with joy after receiving the alert, she thanked Nana for making her happy and empowering her.

Xan’s share the blessings foundation was established by the renowned Philanthropist; Xan Burnom. Since her existence, the foundation has rendered relentless support to Nigerians and according to the CEO, the foundation is ready to do more

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One Comment on “Xan’s Foundation Observes Thanksgiving Day, Surprise Volunteers And Followers

Folorunso Adewale Gabriel
November 23, 2018 at 4:57 pm

We cannot thank you enough for all the Thanksgiving blessings we received from you. Thank you so much Nana. You are blessed. #Stbikyho


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