December 28, 2018

Xan’s Foundation Surprises Volunteers, Followers, Church With Xmas Goodies

The CEO of Xan’s share the blessings foundation; Xan Burnom, has once again blessed her volunteers and followers with Christmas goodies both in cash and kind. Volunteers and followers received cash to the tune of #50,000 while some others got items like laptop and High end Tablets.

Also in commemoration of Christmas, the foundation also fed the homeless in 5 states in the country (Enugu, Benin, Oyo, Kaduna and Lagos). This exercise was a laudable one as different food items were shared to the homeless; packaged in the bags were potatoes, rice, garri, noodles, water, biscuits etc. While in Agege area of Lagos state, some homeless received shoes.

Thousands of homeless were fed across the 5 states before Christmas and also on Christmas day, Nana enjoined her volunteers in Lagos to feed the homeless again, their aura on sighting the purple top was great, they were ecstatic. Hundreds in homeless were fed in that area on Christmas day.

Cherubim and Seraphim church worldwide, Awamaridi Branch in Lagos also got a big share of the golden cake as the CEO surprised the kids and adults in the church with cloths, toys, bicycles and other items. Earlier this year, the foundation procured a drum set for the church and had also been supporting the church in other areas.

Xan Burnom has continued to pledge her support in making sure that the issue of homelessness is eradicated from the streets in the country, this is why the foundation has designed a program to facilitate this process, tagged “Homeless to Home 2019”. Several methods are already been designed to make this possible come 2019.

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